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to Italy and the Mediterranean





To create greater value for the Organisation and its staff.


To ensure that all travel companies and operators organising group tours to Italy are aware of the fact that Michelangelo International Travel (M.I.T.) is the leading player on the market.


M.I.T’s company policy sets the following operational, tactical and strategic objectives:

  • To strive continuously to drive product innovation
  • To achieve excellence in the quality of the services provided 
  • To meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, first time, every time
  • To create a corporate culture where staff, suppliers, partners and clients are all proud of working for or with Michelangelo International Travel 
  • To seek the continuous improvement of operational processes and of management practices

The commitment of the business is defined by the setting, implementation, testing and continuous improvement of management structures and processes with regard to risk reduction, prevention of errors and analysis of apparent shortcomings through Risk Based Thinking. This is preceded by a detailed analysis of the overall organisational environment and of the expectations of all concerned parties and processes involved.

The Michelangelo International Travel Management System is based on the following principles:

Client-orientated Thinking
Requires a total focus on the client in order to understand their present and future needs, to be aware of their demands, and to ultimately exceed expectations.

Corporate Governance
This guarantees the allignment of goals and principles with the internal environment and ensures that all staff feel part of, and are committed to, the defined company objectives.

Active Participation of all Persons
The active participation of all staff is the basis for effective Company activity in the form of daily client contact, as well the achievement of improved quality measures to achieve the Company objective.

Process-driven Approach
This serves to achieve the expected results with greater efficiency.

Constant Improvement
The Company constantly strives to achieve improvements in efficiency and effectiveness through the identification, interpretation and control of all the business processes.

Fact-based Decision Making Processes
Effective decision-making is always based on the logical and intuitive analysis of real-time data and information.

Relationship Management
A relationship which brings mutual benefits for all parties involved also increases the ability on both sides to create added value.

Application of these principles helps the individual to maximise their potential through the inclusion and awareness of all participants, so that they see themselves in the position of both the client and supplier.

  • When we think as a client, we understand the need for the highest levels of quality for the completion of any given task.
  • When we think as a supplier, we understand the need to achieve the highest level of quality in the execution of our work to prevent repetition, thereby promoting improvements in working practices.

Management is responsible for the effective communication of Company Policy, to ensure its application by all concerned, and to set new quality goals each year.



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